As a therapist in private practice I have noticed a dip in the amount of clients who want to continue therapy in the summer as well as the number of new inquiries I receive.  I have also noticed that others therapists are posting less referrals in the groups that I belong to.  Why does there seem to be a dip in the number of people wanting to engage in therapy in the summer?  As a client does it make sense to put your therapy sessions on pause during the summer months?  If you’re just starting therapy, is summer a good time to get going?

Below is a list of things to help to figure out whether or not these options are a good fit for you.

Putting therapy on Pause:

Are things that tend to cause you stress and anxiety lessened during the summer?

  • Do you not work or work less in the summer?
  • Do you have more vacation time booked?
  • Do you tend to just be more relaxed in the summer?
  • Is the increased amount of sunlight and daylight good for your mental health?

Will you or your therapist be unavailable a lot? 

  • Are you away on vacation quite a bit and not available?
  • Is your therapist away on vacation and not available?
  • Are you and your therapist not able to get your schedules to match up?

Starting Therapy:

Do you want to work on a difficult topic (such as trauma, healing from a relationship)?

  • It might be best to start this during a time where other stressors are lessened
  • This will allow you to focus on the topic without external stressors interfering
  • You can learn and practice coping strategies

Do you feel less in crisis mode in the summer?

  • It is much easier to start therapy during a period that is calmer
  • This allows you to process things more easily
  • You can learn and practice coping strategies when you’re not in crisis you can use them more effectively during a crisis

I hope that you find this helpful in determining whether or not pausing or starting therapy in the summer makes sense for you.  If you choose to start therapy I have lots of availability so please e-mail me at to book a FREE 15 minute consultation today!

Catherine Sullivan

Catherine Sullivan


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