In EMDR, which stands for Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, we will explore and reprocess your traumatic memories. This method allows you to reprocess your memories while focusing your attention on eye movements or another type of bilateral stimulation. Once the memories are reprocessed they are still there but they are no longer upsetting.
When we experience trauma our brain can't catalogue the memory of the event the same way it would other memories. As a result these memories end up being stored incorrectly and we often remember them in pieces or they are triggered by other thoughts, sights, smells etc. EMDR allows your brain to heal itself and puts the memory back in the right place on the shelf.
In EMDR you will learn healthier ways to cope with your emotions in the present. You also learn that you are safe in the present and that your memories occurred in the past and are not occurring right now.

Catherine Sullivan, MSW, RSW


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